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Inspiring Youth to Think Creatively

Executing a successful film production is a complex task, with numerous opportunities to set and achieve goals. JFI participants will learn all the components that help bring a film together and exercise their problem solving skills toward  achieving each individual goal.


Creative Writing

Creating a Story
Developing Plot points
Writing a Script

Producer Training

Breaking Down that Script
Planning the Production
Location Scouting

Artistic Development

Casting the Movie
Costume, Wardrobe & Make-up
Rehearsing the Scenes
Set Design


Special Effects
Lighting the Sets
Sound Engineering

Leadership Skills

Preparing Shot Schedules
Calling Final Cut
Taking Film to Market


Post Production

Sound Effects
Color Correction
Visual Effects

Being a part of this process inspires Students to think critically and make meaningful decisions.

JFI Updates

JFI Featured in ShineOn Magazine

JFI Featured in ShineOn Magazine

The Junior Filmmakers Initiative or “JFI” was launched on January 14, 2013 and in recent weeks, youngsters in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area have been delighting in the production of their very own film, entitled "Chihuahua Rampage". The program is now slated...

Watch “Chihuahua Rampage” Now

Watch “Chihuahua Rampage” Now

As the saying goes: "If you can't hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch!!" Well, what if you're a little boy named Chad and the "big dog" is more fierce than big? Or this dog gets to decide whether you ride the bus to school every morning...or not or if he wants...